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QR Code Generator

Thanks to this customizable QR code generator offers you the possibility to build a better digital experience for your customers. Our custom QR code frames get you the highest QR scans in the market.

Free QR Code Scanner

Scan your QR code online now, it can scan QR codes from images, url, phone or through any webcam.

User Agent List 2023: Chrome, Android, Firefox, Windows, iOS

Download thousands of User Agents to detect the wide variety of devices browsing the Internet today.

Word Counter: Frequency, Characters, Spaces, Sentences

Character Counter with and without spaces, this tool can be used for counting words, characters, sentences, paragraphs and more.

𝗜nstagram 𝗙ont 𝗦tyle 𝗚enerator

This font generator has hundreds of cool characters and symbols to make your Instagram bio more engaging.

BIN checker Live or Dead: VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Discover

Here you can verify if a BIN is Live, Dead, legal, as well as the issuer's information, the country, the bank it belongs to, the color of the card, among other data.

Personal Loan Calculator SBI

The most accurate SBI EMI Calculator Online; It also allows you to amortize with extraordinary payments.

Germany Address Generator online

Real addresses of Germany; it generates thousands of random addresses and the best thing is that they all exist and are verified. From Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Essen, Bonn, Kiel, Trier, Herne, Cottbus, etc.

New York Address Generator online

Real addresses in New York States; All of them are real, and verified by people; here you can find all cities in New York State.

Spain Address Generator

Real Random addresses in Spain; It generates thousands of random addresses and the best thing is that they all exist and are verified. From Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia, Toledo, Salamanca and more

Credit Card Generator

This card generator works with the Luhn algorithm, which is used by the banking system to issue cards. The code itself is also used to validate a check digit.

Free Earthaqueake Service

This is an application that shows you the latest earthquakes in the world.