User Agent List 2023: Chrome, Android, Firefox, Windows

User Agents are a text string provided by web browsers to the servers where the web pages are hosted. Thanks to this data, users can have a better browsing experience because knowing whether you are browsing with a cell phone or a computer, the display of the page will change.

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How to update my web browser?

Today, all popular browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera and Safari update automatically; some do so without you noticing and others choose to ask for your permission to update.

Upgrading your browser brings a number of advantages, such as a better experience when visiting a web page: better video, audio, animations, etc.

The other reason why it is advisable to update your browser is because of the "security" factor; day by day, the companies that create browsers have to deal with security vulnerability problems, information theft, cybercrimes in which their own browsers are used, etc. So they have to be continuously improving their browsers so that users can surf the Internet without worries.