QR code generator with: logo, frame, patterns, corners

This tool will be very useful in your finances, to save advertising costs. Create your QR codes as you wish.

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How to generate a free QR code?

It's easy with the following steps:

  • 1. Go to
  • 2. In the "Tools" menu you will find "Generate QR Code".
  • 3. Configure your code to your taste: colors, frames, etc.
  • 4. At the end click on the "Generate" button.
  • 5. To download the image, click on "Download".
  • 6. That's it!!! your QR code has been generated.

What is a QR Code used for?

Used to store information in the form of an image that can be read by a "QR Scanner". It is similar to the bar codes found on supermarket products or any household appliance, with the difference that the QR can store much more information (text).

A QR code can quickly lead hundreds of customers to check out your products because these codes optimize promotions and transactions that take place daily in the economy.

Currently in many restaurants they have replaced the physical menu with a QR code for the convenience of their customers, just as many banks send them by email or WhatsApp to show their customers the rates of their personal loans and the benefits of their credit cards.

In stores they are used to make cashless payments with the help of a cell phone by scanning a QR code.

Hotels implement them so that their customers can book rooms, as well as allow them to comment on their experience of their stay.

QR codes help connect retailers with their target audience in an efficient way.

How long does a free QR code last?

Here at there is no expiration date. In case you lose your code, you can re-generate it as many times as necessary.

How many times can you scan a QR code?

It does not have a limit of times, actually it can be scanned as long as the paper it is printed on is in good condition without many wrinkles; but if it is an electronic image, then it should not have any problem to be scanned.

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