Firefox 110 version comes with GPU Sandboxing on Windows


Let's review: a Sandbox is used to isolate a process, so a virus or malware will not be able to directly use a process in order to attack other processes; so it will be more difficult, because it has to leave the Sandbox to achieve its goals of attacks on the computer or server. .

But it is not the first time that Firefox incorporates the concept of Sandbox; as for example in the socket and content processes.


GPU Sandboxing has already had its several years of development and this news is an achievement for this famous browser, because it has been criticized for the way it had been using sandboxing.


Here you can see a history of the issue that started on March 15, 2017.


According to bugzilla a problem is being worked on that is related to the file system, so the firstly the sandobox will not be so secure, as most likely you will have full access to the file system.

As soon as the problem is solved in future versions, full access to the files will be removed, so the sandbox will be providing the expected security.

sandbox Imagen from Hassan Ahmed from Pixabay

How to check if I have the Sandbox enabled in Firefox?

Mozilla announced that since version 110 the browser has this feature by default, but if you need to check, perform these steps:

  • Enter in the address bar: about:support
  • You can also click on Menu -> Help -> More troubleshooting information.
  • Look for the Test Environment section at the bottom of the page.
  • There Firefox will indicate the effective level of isolation for the content processes.
  • This indicates that your version of Firefox has the Sandbox built in.