50 Hierarchy of Needs Examples in real life

March 15, 2023

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is a theory in psychology that explains the different levels of human needs and motivations. It is often depicted as a pyramid with the most basic needs at the bottom and the highest needs at the top.

At the bottom of the pyramid are physiological needs such as food, water, and shelter. These are the most basic needs that must be met in order to survive.

Above the physiological needs are the safety needs, which include things like personal security, financial stability, and physical safety.

The next level is love and belonging, which includes the need for social interaction, love, and friendship.

The fourth level is esteem, which includes the need to feel respected, recognized, and accomplished.

At the top of the pyramid is self-actualization, which includes the desire to fulfill one's potential, be creative, and achieve personal growth.

According to Maslow, individuals must satisfy lower-level needs before they can move on to higher-level needs. Once a person's basic needs are met, he or she becomes motivated to satisfy higher-level needs, which ultimately leads to personal fulfillment and self-actualization.

Let's look at 50 examples!

They are grouped in 5 levels:

Level 1: Basic or physiological needs

These are survival needs of a biological order that cover: breathing, resting, eating, reproduction, running, etc.

  • The first thing a human being has to do at the moment of birth is to breathe
  • A person can not live more than 5 days without drinking water
  • Sleep is vital for the functioning of our mind and body
  • We must eat a balanced diet to keep our immune system healthy
  • Our body cannot withstand a body temperature above 43 degrees Celsius (109.4 Farenheit)
  • Procreation is essential for the permanence of the human species
  • Every workplace must have a hygienic toilet
  • Whatever pain we feel, it is necessary to find out its cause and its immediately solution
  • It is vital to have a safe shelter when camping in the forest to prevent any physical harm while we are asleep
  • It is healthy to sleep 8 hours a day

Level 2: Security and Safety Needs

They include physical security, having a job, having a home, having health, etc.

  • It is necessary to wear a seat belt when traveling in an automobile
  • I have to get a job to be able to pay for my electric service
  • My aunt is looking for a lawyer to help her get the deed to the land in order
  • I prefer to pay for a private cab when I return home in the middle of the night instead of a bus
  • I am saving to be able to cover any eventuality that may come up
  • Juan will undergo a medical examination to rule out any possible complication due to a fall he suffered
  • I will not accept Luis' invitation because he has a reputation as a womanizer and I do not want to be discredited
  • Today I will not drink liquor because I am the designated driver to take my family to and from the airport
  • Before I get married I have to find a way to have my own apartment
  • I have to buy a car so that I am not traveling by bus when I leave work at night

Level 3: Affiliation and Attachment Needs

They include giving and receiving affection, belonging to a group, having friends, being accepted by society, etc.

  • My boyfriend has not yet asked for my hand in marriage and we have been dating for 3 years
  • I will tell my cousin to include me in his baseball team
  • Today there will be a chess competition with Martín's team, I hope my team wins
  • I am my maternal grandfather's favorite grandson
  • My friends threw me a welcome party
  • I was chosen as the best student of the semester in my English class
  • I'm looking forward to taking my kids to the park this weekend
  • My neighbor invited me to go to the beach with his family
  • I have not been able to be part of the soccer team because there are no vacancies yet
  • I will ask my girlfriend to forgive me

Level 4: Recognition and esteem needs

It is divided in two parts:

Low: to have fame, self-mastery, reputation, appreciation, recognition, etc.

  • I am the boss of my business and my employees have better cars than me, so I have to buy one of the year
  • At school everyone makes fun of me, even though I'm a good student
  • My aunt does not appreciate my cousin who strives to be a good son
  • I have been the best employee of the month, I have exceeded my goals and yet they don't want to increase my salary
  • My uncle is called the alcoholic in the neighborhood, even though he has not been drinking for more than 10 years, and that bothers me

High: mastery, achievement, freedom, independence, confidence, etc.

  • If I study 2 hours a day, I am sure that I will pass the math test
  • I have to train every weekend in order to be selected for the team
  • When I finish my studies, I will start a business and then I will be able to buy my own house
  • I am the only one of my classmates who has maintained a high average this school year
  • I am confident that I can hold a conversation in Spanish with a native speaker

Level 5: Self-actualization or self-actualization needs

They include creativity, morality, success, etc.

  • I feel better now that I go to church every Sunday
  • I was finally able to get the manager position at my job
  • Today I completed my PhD in Cost Accounting
  • I am the team captain and have been for 5 years for my good performance
  • I have the reputation of being a good chess player among my fellow players
  • I was able to get help for the people who lost their homes due to the hurricane
  • I have a sharp ear for tuning any guitar
  • I live in a nice house and I am married to the man of my dreams
  • I have had the joy of traveling to Italy and seeing many places that I have always wanted to see
  • I like to give good advice to those in need
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