Aneken Money Counter Machine AL-1000: speed, functions

october 29, 2022.

The Aneken bill counter is portable, and the best part is that the handle can be hidden.

Counting speed

It is a high speed counting machine, counting on average up to 1,000 bills per minute. However, it should be noted that the hoppe and the stacker can only hold a maximum of 200 bills.

Types of detection

This machine can detect bills with the following characteristics::

  1. Bills that are counterfeit
  2. Bills that are torn or taped together
  3. Bills that are missing a portion, i.e. incomplete.

If a bill is detected as counterfeit or in bad condition, the display will turn red and emit an audible alarm.

How does it detect counterfeit and damaged bills?

It has several specialized sensors for this purpose:


The bills have magnetic strips composed of ferromagnetic ink with specific patterns, so if the pattern is different or does not exist, Aneken detects it.


The ferromagnetic ink contains a special ink that reacts to Infrared light, so if a bill differs from the others when exposed to this light, it is immediately detected by the machine.


Similar to infrared technology, the ultraviolet light device checks if the wavelength of the bill is correct; if not, it detects it as counterfeit.

Color of the printed ink

It is difficult for the human eye to detect a bill that has a different hue, but with the Aneken sensor, this is easy.


It has a sensor that is sensitive to the fluorescence of the bill.


It can detect if the bill is thinner or thicker than it should be, always taking a minimum margin of error.


This allows you to detect if a bill is missing a section at the edges or if it is torn and taped together.

Paper quality

Paper money is almost impossible to obtain, so checking the quality is paramount to spotting counterfeit bills.

Display functions

Aneken offers two types of denominations, of which the Euro and the Dollar are the default.

The display shows the number of bills that have been counted and the total amount it represents in monetary terms.

It has an additional external display, which is very useful to show the user how many bills are being counted.

Other functions

It can add up in batches, that is, it can add "packages" of bills according to the amount that the user indicates; and it can also be set to "automatic" mode if the amount of bills to be counted is not known.


It is 22.4 cm (8.8 inches) wide, 14.8 cm (5.8 inches) high and 27.5 cm (10.8 inches) deep.

What comes with the machine?

When you purchase the Aneken machine, you will receive a box with the machine, 4 paper strips to hold the bills, a cleaning brush, its power cord and the instruction manual.


1. Trays can only hold a maximum of 200 bills.

2. It does not distinguish the denominations of the bills to be reviewed.

3. It only detects the authenticity of Dollar and Euro bills; but it counts any bill.

4. Cannot connect to a printer to print totals (external termination required)

5. It does not have a cover to protect it from dust.

6. It must be connected to the electric current; it cannot be used with batteries.

contador de billetes aneken Aneken Bill Counter

It needs 110 volts electric current.

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