SEO Keyword List Example

august 30, 2022.

A keyword list is a word or phrase that users use in search engines like Google to find a web article, video, music or file.

ahrefs keyword research + Semrush + Ubersuggest + MOZ

SEO keyword for handbags, digital marketing, Weight Loss, Travel Agency and more.

Below, we list a series of keywords that carry a considerable amount of monthly traffic.

Course + SEO

free seo course, seo course online, SEM course, content marketing course, affiliate marketing course, google analytics course, seo certification course, best free seo courses, seo learning course free

Related terms

best seo resources, get free traffic, seo tools, learning seo io, keyword research, internal link, duplicate content, google data studio, ahrefs, page rank

Download a file with 500 keywords about Course + SEO:

Weight Loss

how to lose weight fast, weight loss tips, best weight loss apps, weight loss calculator, weight loss services, how to lose weight naturally, why can't lose weight, weight loss meals, weight loss drinks, fastest weight loss exercise

Related terms

calorie counter, fast diet plan, children's weight, nutrition food, workout plan, obesity, diet, sugar and refined carbs, diabetes and heart healty, lifestyle, metabolism

Download a file with 2,500 keywords about Weight Loss:

Travel Agency

Travel agency near me, tourism agencies, best tour operators, luxury travel agents, top travel agencies in usa, Best Online Travel Agencies, Trips by Local Agencies, Travel Advisors and Hotels, domestic travel agency, top travel agency destinations

Related Searches

tripadvisor, american express, vacation packages, tour destinatios, river cruise, national parks, booking software, air tickets, rent a car, hotel booking API

Download a file with 3,000 keywords about Travel Agency:


wedding makeup ideas, wedding photography near me, wedding anniversary, destination wedding, wedding dresses, invitation card wedding, flowers for wedding, wedding cakes designs, wedding planner, wedding music for ceremony.

Download a file with 3,000 keywords about Wedding:

Related terms

  • veil styles
  • engagement photography prices
  • Bridal Clutches, Purses, and Handbags
  • bridal shower
  • bridal dresses
  • gift ideas
  • skincare
  • grooms style
  • etiquette rules
  • engagement rings


  • Insurance Agencies
  • farmers insurance
  • insurance company
  • auto insurance
  • insurance coverage
  • health insurance
  • best car insurance services
  • home insurance comparision
  • life insurance taxability
  • renters insurance cost

Related terms

  • financial services company
  • health coverage
  • get best rate and coverage
  • mortgage protection
  • retirement solution
  • best insurance policy
  • instant online quotes
  • allstate vs progressive
  • statutory reserve rate
  • cheapest full coverage

Digital Marketing

  • digital marketing pdf
  • digital marketing course
  • types of digital marketing
  • digital marketing for dummies
  • digital marketing agency
  • digital marketing certificate
  • learn digital marketing
  • digital marketing jobs
  • digital marketing meaning

Related terms

  • social media marketing
  • story brand
  • marketing metrics
  • Semrush academy
  • online advertising
  • inbound marketing
  • Marketing for Conversion
  • How To Generate Leads
  • neuromarketing
  • email marketing
  • market research
  • B2B

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