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Keywords are an essential part of optimizing our website for search engines, because with them we can realize what the search intention of consumers is.

This keyword tool provides monthly search volume, which is a relevant metric in marketing decision making.

Unlike other tools, this one is unlimited, that is, we do not charge for the number of searches or ask for your email.

Good keyword research opens up a new perspective on what people are searching for on a specific topic. Dominate the search results in your niche, quick and easy.

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Good :) keyword research can help you create relevant articles that will get your visitors to click while making conversions easy.

¿What is a keyword?

A keyword is a word or the combination of two or more words used to perform a search in a search engine, such as

Google Keyword Search Volume

Search volume is the total number of times a keyword is searched for on Google, generally this total is the sum of a whole month.

Normally this volume hardly varies from month to month, with the exception of certain words that have a very significant increase on certain days or months of the year, such as in December.

Cost Per Click (CPC) en Google

The cost per click is the payment a local business makes to Google (Ads) when a user clicks on an ad; the cost can be from $0.01 to over $10 dollars per click. It is important to say that if the click was made on an ad that was on a web page, then the owner of the web page will take a commission.

Keyword difficulty

Keyword difficulty is a subjective indicator that tells us how difficult it is to appear in the first 10 Google results for certain words, which generate a huge traffic of visitors or whose ads can cost more than $2 dollars to click on.

It is subjective because there is no single, exact way to measure it, but as for the concept of "difficulty", we mean that the more websites respond to the search, the more difficult it becomes.

For example, if we search for "atm chase near me", the first place will be for the bank page; therefore, placing before is practically impossible.

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